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Studio Equipment

Synthesisers and Sound modules

Roland D50 with PG1000 programmer
Roland D550 module
Roland U220 module
Roland MC202
Roland SPD6 electronic drums
Boss DR660 drum machine
Akai S2800 sampler
Yamaha CS5
Yamaha DJX
Korg MS20
Korg Wavestation EX
Korg Wavestation SR module
Korg N1R module
Casio CZ5000
Kawai K5
Ensoniq SQ1
EMU Audity 2000 module
EMU Morpheus module
Alesis QS6 synth


Atari ST 1040 with Cubase and Mastertracks Pro
Apple Mac with Encore and Band in a Box
Alesis MMT8 
Roland MC300
Effects and dynamics

Behringer EX 3100 Ultrafex 2 dynamics
Behringer MDX 2100 Composer dynamics
Behringer Virtualizer Pro effects
Zoom 1201 effects x2
Lexicon MPX 100 effects
Digitech StudioQuad effects
Boss SE50 effects


PC with Digidesign mbox2 Protools 7 and Cubase SX2
Apple G3 with Digidesign 001 32 track Protools system
Alesis ADAT 8 track digital recorder x2
Fostex D5 DAT recorder
Fostex X26 cassette multitrack
Event 20/20P active monitors
Edriol MA10A active monitors
Behringer UB2442 fx pro mixer
Behringer MX 1602 mixer
Kawai MX8R mixer
Roland M160 mk2 mixer
Boss BX16 mixer
Korg DF1 datafiler

A selection of dynamic and condenser microphones

AKG headphones

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