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01.01.12 Two new tracks 'main theme' (4:39) and 'machine theme' (4:42)have been submitted for the '24 frames' compilation project. Another new track 'Cosmic Keystone' (23:50) has been submitted for the 2012 Awakenings compilation. Also another new track 'Quadecadephonic' (8:00) has been submitted for the upcoming EM portal compilation 'Four Decades'.
14.11.11 New album 'Hallucinating' inspired by the Steven Palmer novel of the same name (available from infinity plus ebooks) which has a very strong musical theme running through it. After Russell composed the tracks Steve (of mooch and blue lily commission fame) very kindly added his enhancements to create a soundtrack for the novel. For tack listing and cover see the albums page
19.04.11 The track 'portcullis draconis' appears on the www.emportal.com compilation album 'joint efforts' released in 2010 and the track 'blindfolded and led to the woods' appears on the new awakenings 2011 vol 1.5 compilation 'Ambient Pathways' available from Ambientlive and Musiczeit

All Russell's other albums are available from Ambientlive and Musiczeit, including the latest release 'Berlin via Betelgeuse', details of which are on the
albums page. 

There are now samples from all Russell's albums on Soundcloud.
Major update to website with addition of an Aural Scenarios section, Russell's side project with Simon Ellis (photo on right) which has info on their first 2 albums 'A Host of Planets' vol 1 & 2. 

Details of Russell's latest 2 studio albums, 'Dragonflight' and 'Cosmic Kiwi' have been added to the albums page. 

All Russell's albums and the 2 Aural Scenarios albums are now available from AmbientLive.


22.11.09 Russell appears on track 'Aurora' on the new Omega Syndicate release 'Village Fate'
09.10.09 Russell has 2 new tracks on Awakenings releases, Awakenings 2008 vol 2.5 features 'Telescopium' (7.42) and 2009 vol 1.5 features 'A two fingered memo from pluto to the earthbound planetary demotion committee' (14.12). He has also submitted a track for 2009 vol 2.5 called 'Bastion against the mists of time' (13.12)
Russell appears on The Omega Syndicate track 'Sinister Midnight' and also has a picture on their myspace page so is now a very proud Syndicate member (see photo).

Russell's next album is entitled 'Dragonflight', these are the track details:

1.Portcullis Draconis (4.58)
2.Breath of Dragotha (17.26)
3.Seadragon (4.48)
4.Tiamat the Dark (30.24)
5.Paladine the Light (12.54)


01.09.08 Ian Tescee's new album 'A Travellers Guide to Mars' has just been released, one of the tracks, entitled 'beneath the ice', includes some music from Russell's last album 'Transglobal Friendship' mixed in.
01.08.08 3 tracks Russell did with Rudy Adrian appear on Awakenings 2008 vol 1 and 1.5. These are:
Russell Storey & Rudy Adrian - Trilogy (part 1) (9:21
) on CD1 of vol 1
Russell Storey & Rudy Adrian - Trilogy (part 2)
(9:47) on CD2 of vol 1
Russell Storey & Rudy Adrian - Trilogy (part 3) (11:14
) on vol 1.5
07.11.07 New track entitled 'Carinae' appears on Awakenings 2007 vol 2.5 and a new track 'Portcullis Draconis' has been submitted for possible inclusion on the EM Portal compilation, 'The Album'
17.06.07 Russell's track for the Analogy 3 analog synth compilation entitled 'cosmic kiwi lll'  is now finished as are another two new tracks for inclusion on future Awakenings releases.
14.03.07 New track entitled 'Phoenix Lair' appears on the Awakenings 2007 volume 1.5 compilation
27.11.06 Transglobal Friendship is now available to purchase from Groove
25.08.06 The next album, due around November, is called Transglobal Friendship and according to Russell is about 'the internet and the friends I have made in EM via the EM Forum as well as the SETI search for intelligent life in space'. 
Track listing:
1.The Oracle 4.08
2.Transglobal Friendship Always (Parts 1-3) 24.47
3.Hemispherical Web 9.19
4.SETI 27.16
13.08.06 It has been confirmed that Russell's track Cosmic Kiwi II will appear on the Groove Unlimited compilation Analogy 2
08.07.06 New track entitled 'Xpanded Heartbeat' appears on Awakenings 2006 vol 2.5 'Deep Ambient Drift'
22.03.06 New Russell Storey website is online
16.03.06 Russell has started work on his track for submission for vol 2 of Analogy


2006 All 6 of Russell's albums are now stocked by Groove Unlimited and available through their website.
2005 Russell submitted a track entitled “Cosmic Kiwi” to the EM Forum analog only compilation project Analogy which was released by Groove Unlimited.
2004 After finally getting internet access, Russell joined the EM forum sponsored by Groove Unlimited. He also totally relocated the studio to it’s current location.
2003 All Russells albums stocked by Compact Disc Services of Dundee in Scotland.
2001 All 6 of Russell's albums released on CD having been remastered and with new artwork.
1998 Russell passed his certificate in audio recording.
1996/7 Composed the fifth album "Aquamorphesis" and the sixth album "Earthstar", which were not released at the time as I wanted to only release them on CD.
1994 Released third album "Dreams and Visions" and the fourth album "Mariner" on cassette.
1992 Released second album "Eclipse" on cassette.
1991 Released first album "A Light Years Journey" on cassette.
1989 Bought first synthesiser, a Roland D50, and started recording own compositions.
1976 IRussell was itroduced to electronic and instrumental music by a family member and started collecting the music of artists such as Mike Oldfield and Jean Michel Jarre.
1975 Russell's family emigrated to New Zealand
1964 Russell was born on 25th February at Stratford on Avon, England

All content copyright 2006 Russell Storey and Jez Creek