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Spiraleye are Neale Haddon (guitars/processing & guitar synthesizer) and Peter Challoner (keyboards, synthesizers & rhythm programming).

Neale and Pete first met when they were at Primary School over 30 years ago. They have always shared common ground in terms of their music tastes, but it was only Neale who became musically 'active' taking up the guitar during time at college. As often happens on life paths, directions change and a distance grew with only a couple meetings in over the next 10-15 years.

During this intervening time, Pete began his musical path on keyboards becoming the creator of ambient synthesizer music. 

Many years later in 2006 they met again and finding that the other had become an experienced musician with a growing body of work, their common ground suggested that a collaboration might produce some interesting results. Within the first few minutes of playing together at their very first session, it was immediately apparent that there was something good there and Spiraleye was born.

From the outset Pete and Neale realised that the principal element to spiraleye music was the spontaneous creation through playing and responding to one another in a live situation. Each moment captures the essence of this live colaboration, just as it had been at the beginning of that first session. The structure and form of each piece emerges from the integration of the sounds created and responding to that sound as the music appears. 

Through sound design and improvised performance, the improvised textural ambient and groove-based soundscape music of Spiraleye is recorded live, capturing those inspired conscious and unconscious moments. Improvisation (also called extemporization) being the practice of acting, singing, talking and reacting, of making and creating, 'in the moment' and in response to the stimulus of one's immediate environment 

Neale has been writing, performing and recording for over twenty years. He works as a Psychotherapist.

Pete has released 10 albums over the last 9 years within the ambient/electronic genres of soundscape and sequencer based electronic music. He is also an architect.

Spiraleye are currently working on material for their second album.


Spiraleye - Contemporary Improvised Electronic Music