ModulatorDesign is my web and graphical design project. I am expanding into freelance web design and I'm looking for people, mainly musicians, artists or other creative types who would like web-sites and/or graphical content designing or updating. 

I'm looking to take on small projects, which are within my current experience, but I'm prepared to take on projects that will expand my horizons. I am hoping to build up a portfolio of different sites, which explore new techniques. Initially I am prepared to take on work for a very small fee or exchange of services.

Currently sites are designed using HTML and FrontPage with CorelDraw and PhotoShop used for graphical content, photo editing, logo designs etc. I am self-taught and spent some time as a web designer for my current employer.

Site examples:


link to Awakenings website

link to Hampshire Jam 'Jam' website

Electronic Music Artists

link to Astrogator website

link to Astrogator website

link to Modulator ESP website

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