---The Church of Sound---

The Church of Sound is a mostly monthly, eclectic evening of
ambient/drone/experimental/electro-acoustic/improvised/noise/weird music

It is mostly on the third Thursday of the month, except when it isn't.
The Church of Sound convenes at:

JT Soar
Aberdeen Street

map and street view (access is through the door, seen open in this photo)

Parking is available on-street, or in the adjacent car park

Audients assemble for sonic worship at the altar of the Church of Sound
and performances are accompanied by visuals, usually provided by the performers.
Admission is 10 on the door, and performances start around 7:30pm.

Join the facebook group for all latest gig news and discussion.

Please contact Jez by email if you are interested in performing, it is best to do this in October as that's when most of the slots are booked for the following year.

The Church of Sound started in 2014, a list of all line-ups so far, including those for the coming year, is at the bottom of the page. 

See this Church of Sound youtube playlist for some video of previous performances.
See the Awakenings website for ambient/electronic/space music/berlin school concerts in Rugeley.

Upcoming gigs:

18/04/24 #90: An evening of eclectic sonics with:

ammonites [mapping the void]
The three members of Ammonites operate electronic instruments of various kinds, although other sounds such as flutes, percussion, transistor radios and field recordings have been known to creep in at various times. Recently each member was tasked with making a ten minute video based on an interpretation of either water, wind or fire. These have been edited into a single film and this will be used as a visual score for tonights performance. Due to the improvisational approach to the material, WATER/WIND/FIRE will be a unique experience every time it is performed.

klvhvve [ambient glitch]
klvhvve is the ambient/glitch act of Dave Procter, a sound artist who lives in western Sweden by the big lake called Vnern. Klvhvve's work reflects the peaceful surroundings of Vrmland. Klvhvve is part of the Dret Skivor family, along with Fibonacci Drone Organ and Legion of Swine, two of Dave's other projects, who have also appeared at the Church of Sound.

masal [multi-world psychedelia]
Masal is a collaboration between Al Johnson and Ozlem Simsek. Ozlem is a Turkish multi instrumentalist whose middle eastern background is entwined with her western studies in classical music. Al performs psychedelic electronic music as Alien. As Masal they weave harp, Theremin and electronics into a beautiful aural journeys.
10 OTD, starts at 7:30pm or thereabouts, so don't be late

All line-ups: [click # for poster]


19/12/24 #97: infinity room/ modulator esp/ tim holehouse
21/11/24 #96: adam james davis/ remi fox-novak/ the keeling curve
17/10/24 #95: liminal sound foundation/ monocollie/ paul harriman
19/09/24 #94: nyogtha/ plyci/ trapezoid
15/08/24 #93: grey frequency/ lucifer sky/ signal collective
18/07/24 #92: modulight/ pulselovers/ yumah
20/06/24 #91: diamond family archive/ sharp thorns/ terminal optimism
18/04/24 #90: ammonites/ klvhvve/ masal
21/03/24 #89: by bizarre hands/ nick jonah davis/ uncle mum
15/02/24 #88: peter challoner/ llyn y cwn/ waterflower
18/01/24 #87: coresonic/ seppings/ swansither


21/12/23 #86: modulator esp/ sharp thorns/ tsr-2
16/11/23 #85: djamtomorrow/ scyrynyx/ stereocilia
19/10/23 #84: infinity room/ masal/ phosphorous burning
21/09/23 #83: john biddulph/ andy bole/ glider theory
26/08/23 #xc2: ambient x-church #2: a collection of notes/ duncan chapman/ duty/ grey frequency/ infinity curve/ infinity room/ lucifer sky/ modulator esp
17/08/23 #82: the great schizm/ grey frequency/ theda electronic music
20/07/23 #81: peter challoner/ duty/ yumah
15/06/23 #80: a collection of notes/ yusp/ nick robinson
18/05/23 #79: cei hill/ field lines cartographer/ humbox
20/04/23 #78: blue lily commission/ nik owen jones/ yellow6
16/03/23 #77: fibonacci drone organ/ infinity curve/ twire
16/02/23 #76: grim beeper/ tim holehouse/ rosebud

19/01/23 #75: kanalkrank/ miru/ payta


15/12/22 #74: john christian/ meson/ spiraleye
17/11/22 #73: cei hill/ monocollie/ raxil 4
20/10/22 #72: paul harriman/ music of a cluttered mind/ theda electronic music
15/09/22 #71: andromeda phase/ nik owen jones/ plyci
27/08/22 #xc: ambient x-church #1: a collection of notes/ andromeda phase/ peter challoner/ infinity room/ modulator esp/ plyci
18/08/22 #70: alan bellamy/ modulight/ yodest
21/07/22 #69: dregs of zen/ grey frequency/ nyogtha
19/05/22 #68: a collection of notes/ yellow6/ yumah
21/04/22 #67: duncan chapman/ gagarin/ modulator esp
17/03/22 #66: peter challoner/ nick robinson/ surfacing
17/02/22 #65: duty/ infinity room/ shelter calm


20/02/20 #64: nyogtha/ a collection of notes/ coresonic
16/01/20 #63: spandril/ theda electronic music/ blackcloudsummoner


19/12/19 #62: mother of vinegar/ modulator esp/ yoyotte
21/11/19 #61: time in antarctica/ spiraleye/ andromeda phase
17/10/19 #60: 23 hanging trees/ bias equaliser/ modulator esp
19/09/19 #59: rppen/ bell lungs/ ninepines
22/08/19 #58: modulator esp/ approaching infinity/ peter challoner
18/07/19 #57: bywater & creek soundsmiths/ concept devices/ infinity room
20/06/19 #56: meson/ paul harriman/ a collection of notes
16/05/19 #55: stereocilia/ grey frequency/ infinity curve
18/04/19 #54: lost harbours/ the garwin project/ monocollie
21/03/19 #53: csma/ yumah/ zahn
21/02/19 #52: nyogtha/ rosebud/ blackcloudsummoner
17/01/19 #51: dark januaries/ E3 (ward & whitlan)/ plyci


20/12/18 #50: 50th birthday solstice drone jam: challoner/ creek/ morrow/ whitlan
15/11/18 #49: modulator esp/ grey frequency/ peter challoner 
18/10/18 #48: alien/ a collection of notes/ time in antarctica 
20/09/18 #47: theda electronic music/ yellow6/ yumah
15/08/18 #46: mangabros/ plyci/ blue room 
18/07/18 #45: modulator esp/ nick robinson/ infinity room
21/06/18 #44: gagarin/ memory wire/ nick jonah davis
17/05/18 #43: andy shankara bole/ hedger & creek/ bob hedger
19/04/18 #42: the garwin project/ charlie ulyatt/ andromeda phase
15/03/18 #41: infinity curve/ concept devices/ scyrynyx
22/02/18 #40: weird garden featuring: tape noise/ laugh motel/ experimental sonic machines
18/01/18 #39: spandril/ pale world/ coresonic


16/11/17 #38: modulator esp/ ten/ yumah
19/10/17 #37: triax/ meson/ plyci
21/09/17 #36: paul nagle/ peter challoner/ concept devices
20/07/17 #35: blue lily commission/ paul harriman/ chris bywater
15/06/17 #34: modulight (conway & creek)/ a drysalter/ yoyotte
18/05/17 #33: rppen/ rosebud/ a collection of notes
20/04/17 #32: monkey trial/ yellow6/ the garwin project
16/03/17 #31: grey frequency/ nick robinson/ vostok
16/02/17 #30: bob hedger/ alien/ booth & creek
19/01/17 #29: spandril/ imboredofbastards/ andromeda phase


17/11/16 #28: apalusa/ paul harriman/ spectral breath
20/10/16 #27: monkey trial/ peter challoner/ vostok
22/09/16 #26: lost garden/ peter challoner/ modulator esp
21/07/16 #25: triax/ mooch/ concept devices
08/07/16 #24: naomi/ yuki kaneko/ nick jonah davis
16/06/16 #23: manga bros/ theda electronic music/ charlie ulyatt
19/05/16 #22: the garwin project/ infinity curve/ a collection of notes
21/04/16 #21: rppen/ nick jonah davis/ grey frequency
17/03/16 #20: meson/ colossloth/ tape noise
18/02/16 #19: yellow6/ spandril/ vostok
21/01/16 #18: chris conway/ modulator esp/ concept devices


19/11/15 #17: inclusion principle/ orlando ferguson/ legion of swine 
15/10/15 #16: nick robinson/ the garwin project/ a collection of notes
17/09/15 #15: yellow6/ infinity curve/ grey frequency 
16/07/15 #14: quad all-stars/ altostratus/ memory wire
18/06/15 #13: malik & langley/ ajay dawid/ thin raft
21/05/15 #12: sonic weekenders v abstract noise attack!
16/04/15 #11: nick jonah davis/ tape noise/ bir
19/03/15 #10: spandril/ modulator esp/ grey frequency
22/01/15 #09: apalusa/ concept devices/ [D-C]


20/11/14 #08: lost harbours/ modulator esp/ no duty to retreat
23/10/14 #07: lost garden/ peter challoner/ vostok sputnik syndrome 30
18/09/14 #06: tch - tim holehouse/ ashtoreth/ croglin grange
24/07/14 #05: ant (andrew page & tanya byrne)/ myoptik/ sludge lord
19/06/14 #04: nacht und nebel/ tepeu y q'uq'umatz/ unune/ analoguekid
22/05/14 #03: malik & langley/ colossloth/ nick jonah davis/ dick sputnik
23/04/14 #02: modulator esp/ maurice's hotel death/ tape noise/ kay hill
26/03/14 #01: kozmonaut death trip/ apalusa/ scented poetry

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